Making a front page post in regards to those who may not know yet, with the messages and posts on the forums constantly asking about "Why can I not get on the server?", or "Is there a new IP? Do I need to update?"

PokeBallers has finally come to an end and the server is closed.

We thank you all who have stuck around to the very end of the best pixelmon server there ever was :p
The community is as strong as ever, and hopefully we'll still see each other around and be able to play together! We love you guys <3

P.S. If you're wondering why the server went down, click here.
See you next time!
Greetings Trainers!

The pathway to a mountain called Mt. Silver has opened next to Victory Road Cave! So unfortunately for you trainers that have not beaten all 8 Gyms you'll have to so.

Professor Elm has heard that there are different Pokemon and also a very tough Trainer at the top of the mountain! He also came up with a challenge for you. If you can beat the Trainer at the top of the mountain, you'll get a satisfying reward! This may sound easy to you, trainers, but a group of challengers have told Johto Staff that this mountain can be very confusing, and that they couldn't even find the trainer!

To begin, talk to Professor Elm in front of the Spawn House.

1. No guiding people through the areas in the mountain.

This means no tour guides for finding your way through the mountain. You may search in groups, but all players must know the same information. If caught for guiding people, you will be temporarily banned for a day.
2. No sharing Pokemon with other players for the Trainer.
This goes for people who want to challenge the Trainer. No circumstances will sharing Pokemon with other players in hope of beating the event be allowed. If caught sharing Pokemon for this event, you and the person who shared the Pokemon will have your prizes taken back.
3. Wait your turn in lines to battle.
If there is a line to battle the Trainer, please wait your turn. If you lose to the Trainer, do not re-battle him and go to the end of the line and wait again. If caught cutting/re-battling the Trainer in a line, you will be jailed.
4. In the event a Trainer NPC glitches, please notify a staff member (admin) and give them their space to finish unglitching the trainer.
Not too often, but sometimes NPC's glitch and need to be fixed. If this happens, please notify a Staff Member or an Admins (Preferably a Helper,...
Usually, at the end of a season, there are a series of tournaments, everyone knows that. This weekend, we were suppose to have our January tournament, but, due to some changes in staff, the tournament will have to be cancelled. Mop, the servers last Head Admin had resigned, and so we have no one to be able to do coupons or even fix the server if it crashes, which tends to happen in between tournaments. So, until Lachlan gives another admin perms to do anything, the Island Tournaments are no longer going to happen, as well as no more resets. We are terribly sorry, but the Island Admins may come up with something else to do on Island. It has not been confirmed yet, though, so the server can be used to complete the Pokedex, create teams and battle with your friends!
Servers have just been updated to 4.3.0, while this doesn't add any features(besides adding the Soul Dew) or Pixelmon, it does add some bug fixes and some quality of life fixes, and some much needed fixes. If you want to read these, follow this link to the official change log http://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Version_history
Thank you for your continued support of the server, and we hope you continue to support the server.
What's up ballers?

I know everyone has been waiting a long time, but the moment has finally arrived and Pokeballers is updating to the Full Pixelmon Version of 4.3.0! This is the latest update to Pixelmon, and comes with a lot of cool things we would like to share with you!

  • The rest of Gen 3 has been added to Pixelmon!
Added Zigzagoon
Added Linoone
Added Wurmple
Added Silcoon
Added Beautifly
Added Cascoon
Added Dustox
Added Roselia
Added Roserade
Added Gulpin
Added Swalot
Added Torkoal
Added Spoink
Added Grumpig
Added Banette
Added Duskull
Added Dusclops
Added Dusknoir
Hey guys,

So I've got some good news and bad news. The good news is, I'M BACK HOME FROM THE HOLIDAYS! The bad news is I'm leaving the server.

It's come time that I walk away from the server. I've been a administrator for this server for the last 3 years. I was promoted to the Jr. Admin rank in September 2013, that's how long I've been here and working hard to make this server as best as it could be for you guys. Since then the server has gone through a lot of changes and I've seen players and staff come and go. It's been a amazing last 3 years and I don't regret any of it. I know not everyone has always agreed with everything I've done throughout the years, but I've always had a plan and always had the best intentions for all players with everything we've done. It never mattered how much work I had to do or the rest of the admin staff had to do if it meant that we could give more to the players. I know that even with me leaving that the rest of the current admin staff agree with that mentality and will continue to act as such for the server even without me.

I will still be doing the update to the server to the most recent version of Pixelmon very soon, but once that is done I'll be officially leaving. I wish you all the best and hope to see you all around where I can as I'll still be running all the other servers I've become a part of (no I'm not going to name them here and advertise them here, if you don't know them you'll have to figure it out another way).

So, with all of that said, hope everyone had a good Holiday and new years and that 2017 proves to be a good year for everyone!

What's up ballers?

It's that time of year again when Pokeballers celebrates the holidays with different events across our servers! Before reading through your favorite servers special event, the staff of Pokeballers wants to wish every single one of you guys Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We appreciate everyone who continues to play and have fun with us every day, it really makes a difference and we thank you <3 But enough of that, continue on to read about each server's event!

- - - Region 1 - - -
Hello Trainers!
It's Christmas time in the world of Region 1.
Granite is having a white Christmas with trees and snowmen everywhere, but there is something wrong...

Region 1 has had a mysterious guest appear in Granite. It seems that he is need of your help. It's your job to go through all the quests and complete every challenge to help get ready for Christmas!

Here are the rules:
1: You cannot leak locations
If found doing so you will be disqualified from the event and muted until the event is over. If you have beaten the event already your prize will be taken away from you.
2: Sharing Pixelmon is Not Allowed
You are not to be able to trade Pixelmon with other trainers while doing this event. If found doing so both of you will be disqualified and or taken the prize away from you.
3: If a NPC is Glitched, please contact an admin to fix it, do not spam click or throw your Pixelmon at the NPC if it is. There is a Admin Staff board in granite if you need to see who they are.
5: You are to not be able to give/share items with players. If found doing so both of you will be disqualified and have your prize taken.

4: Have fun!

We wish you the best of luck in the event!
~Region 1 Staff
What's up ballers?

With winter coming to Island, new people want to come visit this historical site. Admins have also discovered a new island at this time, and more people want to visit this island. However, the mayor of the island has received terrible news that only the you can help with! A thief has stolen the Three Sacred Gifts, and without those Three Sacred Gifts, the entirety of Island will be destroyed!

However, the admins have not seen a possible disaster coming, so the mayor may be making this up. And yet, one person on tiki has felt something strange in the waters. It would be best to talk to this fellow first, and find out some information. It's up to you, players, to find out if the mayor is lying, and help him out if he isn't.

The event will start once the new season starts, and it shall last until the end of the season. You players will have access to a new story line, new side quests, and a new island for the time being. New NPCs can also be seen around Island and on the new island.

The only rule to his event is the same as the usual rule for quest. Do NOT tell or show other players quest item locations, and do NOT tell others about the quests.

Good luck everyone! The fate of Pokeballers Island rests on your shoulders!

Oh, and Happy Holidays from the Island Admins!
Hello Trainers!

It’s getting cold and snowy outside for many of us, and it’s getting to the time of the year where we drop our books down and start looking forward to presents and hot chocolate! For us, it’s also around the time when we get excited to announce the details for Johto’s Christmas Event!

Santa has visited Johto and has set up his Headquarters for the holidays somewhere on the map! This year, many of his elves have stayed at the North Pole working hard on making toys so that everybody can get the gifts that they deserve! Because of this, Santa needs your help to prepare for Christmas and to ensure that everybody has a merry time this holiday season!

The job description calls for somebody that is able to be patient, willing to work hard, and has a good connection with their Pokemon. The helper who is able to help out significantly this holiday season will get a Special bonus from Santa himself!

To begin, look for Elyse under the Christmas tree at New Bark Town!

This event will be active until December 26, 2016 at 12:00PM (noon) EST

Event Rules
  1. Do not, in any circumstances, ever give out any quest locations to any other players
    This includes locations pertaining to the event that cannot be gotten from this post. This is to protect the integrity of the event and to keep the event challenging and fun. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be temporarily banned until the end of the event.
  2. Please wait your turn in line if multiple players are at a trainer.
    As is with any gym leader or Elite 4 member on Johto, you are not permitted to cut in line, spam Pokeballs, or interfere with other player’s battles. Wait your turn patiently and go when everybody that...
Hey Trainers!

As a lot of you guys probably already know, we are doing a HUGE rework on the Mystery Dungeon map. With so many changes and new additions, it has taken a while to prepare. Now, after over a year of waiting, we are proud to be able to bring this to you guys a trailer for the new map!

So with this new release, there are multiple things that you can expect:

• A brand new free roam map
• New dungeon designs
• Brand new quest line
• Reworking to prevent excessive side quest grinding

Again, this has been a big project for a while now, so it is expected that it takes time. More information about exact release dates will be given when we have them, so stay tuned!

~ Mystery Dungeon Admins