Hello Trainers!

It’s getting cold and snowy outside for many of us, and it’s getting to the time of the year where we drop our books down and start looking forward to presents and hot chocolate! For us, it’s also around the time when we get excited to announce the details for Johto’s Christmas Event!

Santa has visited Johto and has set up his Headquarters for the holidays somewhere on the map! This year, many of his elves have stayed at the North Pole working hard on making toys so that everybody can get the gifts that they deserve! Because of this, Santa needs your help to prepare for Christmas and to ensure that everybody has a merry time this holiday season!

The job description calls for somebody that is able to be patient, willing to work hard, and has a good connection with their Pokemon. The helper who is able to help out significantly this holiday season will get a Special bonus from Santa himself!

To begin, look for Elyse under the Christmas tree at New Bark Town!

This event will be active until December 26, 2016 at 12:00PM (noon) EST

Event Rules
  1. Do not, in any circumstances, ever give out any quest locations to any other players
    This includes locations and any important information pertaining to the event that cannot be gotten from this post. This is to protect the integrity of the event and to keep the event challenging and fun. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be temporarily banned until the end of the event.
  2. Please wait your turn in line if multiple players are at a trainer.
    As is with any gym leader or Elite 4 member on Johto, you are not permitted to cut in line, spam Pokeballs, or interfere with other player’s battles. Wait your turn...
Hey Trainers!

As a lot of you guys probably already know, we are doing a HUGE rework on the Mystery Dungeon map. With so many changes and new additions, it has taken a while to prepare. Now, after over a year of waiting, we are proud to be able to bring this to you guys a trailer for the new map!

So with this new release, there are multiple things that you can expect:

• A brand new free roam map
• New dungeon designs
• Brand new quest line
• Reworking to prevent excessive side quest grinding

Again, this has been a big project for a while now, so it is expected that it takes time. More information about exact release dates will be given when we have them, so stay tuned!

~ Mystery Dungeon Admins
Hey guys,

The servers have now been updated to Pixelmon version 4.3.0 BETA 10. Here's a summary of what's been added in this version:


For the complete changelog, you can visit the Pixelmon Mod website here.


What's up ballers?

The admin team and I have been working to bring you a spooky quest over on PixelTown! Here's how it works: There are 20 different Pokémon spread across the Kanto region for you to trick or treat with! Some will give you tasks to complete, while others will not, so be ready for both tricks and treats! There is a board located in Pallet Town for you to turn in your candy for prizes, so have fun and get as much candy as you can!

Happy Halloween,
PT Admins
Hello Trainers!

It’s about that time of the year where we reluctantly decide that summer is truly gone and begin to get excited for Halloween! We’re very excited to announce Johto’s Halloween event for this year.

Johto has been taken over by strange trainers! They are called Reapers. There are 5 of these trainers scattered across the map in assorted hidden areas. Each one of these trainers has very highly levelled Pokemon and are very difficult to beat! Your objective is to beat all 5 of these Reaper Trainers, which will allow you to fight the Final Reaper Boss. Once you defeat the Final Reaper Boss. you will receive a Legend Badge, which can be redeemed to an admin for a shiny of your choosing!

In addition, we have hidden a number of trick-or-treat signs around Johto. These signs may either give you one Rare Candy, or a mean trick! You may only use these signs once. Please make sure you have sufficient inventory space – we will not reimburse those who lose their rare candy due to not having enough space.

Finally, spawn has been decorated to become Halloween themed! Please enjoy the aesthetic change as it will not be there forever!

This event will be active until November 1, 2016 at 12:00PM (noon) EST.

To begin your event, look for the Halloween Event Board at spawn!

Event Rules
  1. Do not, in any circumstances, ever give out any quest locations to any other players
    This includes locations of Reaper trainers, signs, and any important information pertaining to the event that cannot be gotten from this post. This is to protect the...
Hey guys,

Region 2 is excited to announce the release of our Halloween Event!

Count Nerd is threatening to take over Region 2 by nerding around. Only you can stop him by bullying the candies and items from his nine minions. After successfully bullying his minions, take said items to the Haunted Mansion and take down Count Nerd once and for all! Defeat Count Nerd and win a Halloween shiny with nature of choice. Lose and you'll have to wait an hour to rechallenge. Good Luck and Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy.


1. You cannot tell anyone where the minions are located, though their locations should be rather intuitive.
2. If you are caught running from a trainer battle before you lose, you will also be disqualified and as well if you have already had a prize, it will be taken from you. Even if you get glitched, this is still not allowed.
3. Once you defeat Count Nerd, warp out of the mansion and contact an Admin to claim your prize.
Hello Everyone,

I am sorry to inform you that all money has been reset on Region 1. For some reason while updating to the new economy plugin, all balances have been lost. But there is a way to get your money back. Simply make a recovery application with a screenshot of your bal and an admin will give you your money back. Once again we are sorry about this inconvenience.

~ R1 Admins
Hi everyone,
It’s been over three years since I first joined the server and two since I was offered the position of Head Admin. It’s a huge cliché to say that working on the server had taught me a lot, but it really has. After starting out as someone who didn’t speak at all in chat, I was lucky to ever get helper, let alone be promoted up through the ranks. Over the years Pokeballers has become a huge part of my life, not to mention something that I’ve put ridiculous numbers of hours into. Given everything that’s happened, it’s difficult to make the announcement that I am resigning as Head Admin. It’s going to be weird not constantly checking to see if any servers have gone down or getting spammed by Skype chats but I'm starting university tomorrow and won't be able to dedicate the amount of time I feel necessary to the server.
There are a lot of people I have to thank for making my time on the server but I’m not going to be doing individual thank yous here. Instead I have some more general things to say.
To the staff, you all make up the backbone of this server. From gym leaders and helpers to admins, you give up so much of your time completely for free. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to do anything like as much as we have on Pokeballers. You are all held to a very high standard because of how important player interactions are so thank you for sticking with us and I don’t think it’s said often enough how great a job you do and how much your levels of dedication to the server are appreciated.
To the admins, I wouldn’t have lasted in this position for nearly as long as I have without all of you. Thank you to those of you that have put up with me ranting and I’m sorry for the times I’ve had to push people to do tons of work in a minor crisis and/or for being the one that might have yelled at you at some point. I haven’t had the chance to get to know all of you, but I wish I had. You’re all great people and I wish you luck in the future.
Finally, to...
Hey guys!

The dog days of summer are beyond us now and the crisp autumn wind arrives on R1. We start getting prepared for the month of October and the festivities of Halloween, however there seems to be talks of a new enemy that has started to gain followers just a bit north of Venotang. He is out to take the fun out of Halloween and bring horror all over R1. Can you stop him and his assistants before Halloween is never the same ever again?

It seems that he has a hidden cave somewhere around Venotang, it's up to you to find it and conquer his base.

The Admins have been trying their best to keep Halloween still fun even in this time of disaster, so they have set out trick or treat signs across the server. If you find a sign you either get a treat (rare candy) or a trick (that’s for you to find out ;)). But these signs are not yet set up.

RULES: (Cause every great event needs some)
You cannot tell anyone where the entrance to the event is or where any of the trick or treat signs are. If you are caught doing so you will either be disqualified from the event or you will have your prize taken unable to retrieve it again.
If you are caught running from a trainer battle before you lose, you will also be disqualified and as well if you have already had a prize, it will be taken from you. Even if you get glitched this is still not allowed
3. All banned moves and healing items are allowed in this event. Meaning you can have healing move/delaying moves.

Good luck, and have fun everyone, hope you don't get scared too...
Hi everyone!

Once again we've got a sale on this weekend, 40% off all of our packages. If you were waiting to get anything now's the time to buy it! If you're taking part in the Island tournament on the 1st/2nd, stock up now, why not stock up on items now?

Thanks and enjoy!