Hey guys!
This weekend we've got another 40% sale on across the whole store. Be sure to take advantage of this and get anything that you've been waiting for! The sale will end on Sunday night, so if you want to get anything you'll need to be quick.
Hey guys,

This weekend we're doing a special 40% off the entire store sale. That's right, 40% off the ENTIRE STORE and it's for this weekend only. So be sure to take advantage of the saving now while you can and purchase yourself a rank, or a legendary pokemon, maybe some items? Whatever you want.

As always, thank you everyone for all your continued support of the server, it means a big deal to us!

Hey guys,

So we've had a very long bit of silence about Region 3... I know. Let me assure you however that this server has not been forgotten. The major thing that has been holding us back with getting this server back up was 1. Getting a survival world on sponge that was going to be stable enough 2. There is no multiverse plugin for sponge that works the same way we had it before to allow for a hybrid server 3. Since we couldn't use the old map since it was hybrid, the need to have a new one made.

Now, I've got some good news for everyone that has been waiting and waiting. As most people probably know, a lot of youtubers have been doing a Pixelmon Island SMP series where they are recording in a survival world (You can find Lachlans first episode here along with a list of other youtubers that'll be on it). This work has pushed us forward and allowed us to test features to see how stable it would be on a multiplayer server. With that, we are that much closer to getting our own Survival server back up and running again.

What this will mean is, first off, it won't be a hybrid server anymore, it'll only be survival as we still don't have a multiverse type of plugin that we can rely on confidently enough to work. Second, we will also be using the exact same map for our survival server that you've seen all 20+ youtubers recording on and using.

So in short... SURVIVAL SERVER IS COMING BACK!! We've still got some setup that needs to be done, and we'll do everything we can to be sure to bring in the item recovery bank that was made on the old R3 server so people can get to their items as well. Once things have been sorted out and we get a game planned finalized you'll hear more about it and we'll be able to provide everyone with a rough date on when this should be coming out.

Hey guys,

This weekend we've got another spectacular flash sale going on, this time it's 45% off of all Ranks on all servers. That's right, if you've been hoping to take advantage and get your hands on some rank perks like pokeheal, EVs, IVs, or warps, now is your chance!

So take a look over at our store and take advantage now while you can as the sale will end after this weekend.

Hey guys,

The servers have now been updated to Pixelmon version 4.3.0 BETA 5. Here's a summary of what's been added in this version:

  • Fixed burn status not persisting after battle
  • Fixed catching a Pokémon with Illusion causing the first Pokémon in the party to be overwritten
  • Fixed error when using vending machines
  • Fixed incorrect break/step sounds for sandy grass
  • Fixed Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod fishing lines displaying twice
  • Fixed...
What's up ballers?
That's right, a few of our servers are having their very own summer event! Read the following for more info!

You all have been waiting for this for a long time...
The Battle Tower is Back!
Not only is the Battle Tower returning, but we are opening something that only a few people got to see a little over a year ago...
Kurra City is opening to the Public!
Now, with these two additions to Kanto, there also comes a new event as part of the Grand Re-Opening of the Battle Tower. The first three people to defeat the Battle Tower will get to choose from a pool of Legendary Birds. Awesome, right? But only the first three people will get the chance at a one of these legendaries, so you have to hurry! Once first place has chosen their bird, second place will get a choice from the remaining birds, and third place will get the last bird. Kurra City is Kanto's own original town, one of the lost two cities of Kanto. The town was hit with earthquakes and is almost in ruin, but brings new areas along with it. Kurra includes an EV Training Mansion, a new parkour, and Kanto's 9th gym. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Battle Tower and the new Dragon Gym?

Hope you all enjoy what Kanto has in store for you! - Dropsy & MX
UPDATE: The top 3 places for the Battle Tower have finally been claimed,
but everyone enjoy challenging the tower for a great prize!

Region 1

Hey guys!
So Region 1...​
Hey guys

We have now updates all our servers to Pixelmon version 4.3.0. BETA 3. Here is a quick look at what has been added/fixed in this version:

  • Added config setting for Pokémon spawn tick rate reduceto lag
  • Fixed battle freeze when leveling up
  • Fixed held item duplication issue
  • Fixed incorrect GUI font when a player has no Pixelmon
  • Fixed percent-based damage and healing rounding down to 0
  • Fixed Sky Drop freezing battles
  • Fixed some battle crashes
  • Fixed Pixelmon party not updating properly after logging out and back in
  • Fixed Pixelmon not being saved after leaving a world
For a complete changelog, you can visit the pixelmon mod website...
Hey guys,

Since we've update to 1.8, and with the release of Johto, the amount of attention that the server has gotten is huge, we've still got a lot to work on and more to come out, but we wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone for your continued support of the server.

What better way to do that then a 45% Flash Weekend Sale on everything shiny related. That's to include all Shiny Charges, Shiny Lucky Dips, and Shiny Choices. FOR ALL SERVERS.

Thank you again to everyone for all your love and support to our servers, and I'll see you on there!

Hey guys

That's right, the ability to wonder trade is back and on all servers. That's right, ALL SERVER. It's even on Kanto and Johto!

What is wonder trade? Wonder trade is a system where you pick one of your pokemon and trade it to the server for a completely random pokemon back. You could get something good like a new Shiny Pixelmon or even a legendary!

How does it work? Well first you must have a Pixelmon you wish to trade in your party, then simply use the /wt command

So for example, I would do /wt 4

This would trade away the Pixelmon that is in my 4th slot. After doing that you will see a prompt on your screen that will ask you to confirm the trade

Just do /wt 4 confirm

And your trade will be complete.

In other news, the housing section of Region 2 in now open! If you've been waiting to get your house/apartment on Region 2, then be sure to contact a admin on that server so they can help you in setting you up with it.

For Region 1, it will still remain down as we look into what has caused a massive chunk of the map to disappear. Once we've found what has caused this and are sure it will not happen again, we'll fix the map and get it back up for everyone again.

We all hope you enjoy the new Wonder Trade and get some good Pixelmon out of it!

Update: Server is back up

With the recent lagging/crashing issues of Johto, we've decided to keep Johto down for the time being as we work to resolve these. We'll put out more information when we have it, but for now, we ask that you stay patient with us during this process.

We hope to get Johto back up and running as soon as possible!