Hey guys,

Our newest server, Johto, is now open and in BETA!


What does it mean that it's in BETA? Well, it means that it's not fully open to the public yet as we still want to do a few bug checks and make sure that everything is good to go on it first. For that, we're looking to you guys to help us out with that. To join the BETA, simply go to our store, navigate to the Johto section, and purchase a Rank Pack from it. This will give you access to join our Johto server and partake in the beta.

What do I get out of joining the BETA? For starters, you get a shiny starter! That's right, when you go to get your starter pokemon it won't be a normal starter but a shiny starter! You'll also get a head start on everyone else on the server so it won't be as crowded for you. You'll also be able to help us out with figuring out any issues we've not found and fixing them so that when we do open it fully to the rest of the server, it'll be the best experience they can get.

How long will the BETA last for? We'll be looking to have the server up in beta for about a week, giving us enough time to test as much as we can and allow enough time for any and all fixes to be done as well. This could increase or decrease depending on issues or lack of.

For the opening of Johto, we're also doing a 30% sale on the store, so be sure to take full advantage of these saving to get yourself access to the BETA as well.

I've also got one more piece of information to share with you all. To start, we're going to be having two very big youtubers recording a series with each other on the Johto server. Both Lachlan and Mitch will be recording a full series with each other as rivals! Be sure to check out their videos and keep a eye out for them on the servers.

You can find Lachlan's episode here.
You can find...
Whats up ballers?

That's right, Pokeballers is going to do another update for the next 1.8.9 version of Pixelmon to Pixelmon 4.2.7. This next update is to mainly help performance issues, so those who had a harder time getting on and crashed more often than before, this update fixes it! If you still have any problems, remember you can make a post in the Connectivity/Joining Server forum. If you seem to run into issues that is the Pixelmon Mod itself, you can click here to report it to the developers of the Pixelmon mod. Now, just like the time before, there are a few key things that we would like to share with you guys!

A Few Changes We Would Like to Mention:

-Had a problem buying/selling items to the shopkeepers? Now the icon is fixed to where you can buy/sell multiple items once again.

-When buying or selling items to other players, you now actually get notified once this happens

This update fixed crashes when the following happened:
-When Using a PC
-When loading a Fossil Machine
-Battle crashes when AI had certain settings

-Boss Pokemon colors not showing? The models will now appear the appropriate colors.

-Got stuck in battle? Some issues in the battle screens we're fixed as well so you shouldn't get stuck.

-Was your turn skipped in battle? Issues there were fixed as well.

-Plus many more additions, click here for the full update!

Ready for the next update? Click here for the link (From the Pixelmon Website) to the 4.2.7 update, and for those using the launcher, 4.2.7 should be up and ready to go!

See you guys on Pokeballers! <3
What's up ballers?

As you can tell from the title, Pokeballers is updating to Pixelmon's most recent version 4.2.6!
With another update to the server, it will take a little bit of time for the servers to be completely updated to the new version, so they should only be down for a little while. Now, 4.2.6 comes with some pretty cool features that we'd like to share with you guys!

A Few Changes We Would Like to Mention:

- One of the most important changes is the fixing of excess chunks being loaded while spawning in Pokemon. What this means is those who have trouble logging on to the server because their launchers or PC could not handle running the Pixelmon Mod, now you should be able to connect with a lower-functioning PC! If you still have trouble, you can make a post in the Connectivity/Joining Server forum.

- Added battle forfeiting!

- Battles are able to run even faster!

- Player goes AFK during a battle? A battle timer will now display how much time is left to make a move

- Thankfully with 4.2.6, no held items will be dropped when giving or taking them from Pokemon in the inventory screen

- Using Revives, Max Revives, and Revival Herbs has been fixed for when they are used outside of battle.

- Pressure is fixed from draining too much PP

- Issues with sending out Pokemon? Double-switching has been fixed when/if a player clicked too fast.

- Recover and other variants have been fixed as well!

- Fissure no longer hits through Levitate!

- Plus many more additions, click here for the full update!

Ready for the update? Click here for the link (From the Pixelmon Website) to the 4.2.6 update, and for those using the launcher, 4.2.6 should already be up and ready to go!

See you guys on...
Hey guys,

So it's about time everyone starts getting ready to get on, and you'll need to know what to expect once you are on the server. So here, I'm going to go through server by server and let you know what you should expect and what info you'll need to know per server. First though, we'll start with getting on and being on the hub.

To get on the hub, you will first need to have your minecraft version set to 1.8.9 and have Pixelmon version 4.2.5. You can find the download links for Pixelmon here. I recommend using the Pixelmon Launcher if you are able to, it makes getting the right versions of everything very easy. For a step by step guide, you can look here for help in how to download and setup everything you need.

Once on the hub, you will notice a few items in your inventory. When clicked on, these items will send you to the server you want to join.

As you can see here, the apple will send you to Region 1.

The first thing to note now before we get to when you enter the servers will be players ranks. With this update we've had to change all of our plugins, including our group manager plugin. With this, carrying over the users file isn't a option. That file that contains all of the players ranks needs to be converted to the new system. Now, we are going to play around with trying to convert the file where it should effect you guys, but if we can't do that then all players will need to get their ranks back from an admin manually when they are on the server.

Now that you're on a server, it's time to go through them one by one and let you know what's going on with them.

Region 1 & 2

With Region 1 &...
Hey guys,

Welcome to the Relaunch of Pokeballers and welcome to our new website!

Through this site, you will be able to make threads with other members to talk about your adventures on the server in the General Discussion sections, Trade Pixelmon and items in the Trading Post sections, apply for a staff member position, ask for help with any in game or purchase problems, and more. We're very excited to have this new site and watch it grow and we hope you are as well.

Once implemented, you will also be able to purchase in game ranks and items/Pixelmon through our new store as well. If you have any issues after you make a purchase, please wait 15 - 30 minutes and then make a post in the Purchase Help section for the server you made the purchase for and a Head Admin will be able to assist you.

If you would like to apply for a Helper or Gym Leader position, you have to navigate to the Helper or Gym Leader section for the server you wish to apply to and fill out the form in that section. Should it be accepted or declined you will be contacted by the admin team, if it's simply pending then you will not hear from us till a decision has been made.

Please be sure to also check and read everything within the Rules section to make sure you have as much info as you can get before joining the server.

Once the servers are live, at the current time you will need Pixelmon version 4.2.5. I suggest if you can, use the Pixelmon Launcher. It allows you to setup your profile, select what version you want to use, and downloads it all for you! It's that easy! You can find all download here.

Please bare with us during the first few week of the relaunch when the servers are back online as we continue to fine tune things and iron out all the bugs that may appear. We thank everyone...