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    What's up ballers?

    It's that time of year again when Pokeballers celebrates the holidays with different events across our servers! Before reading through your favorite servers special event, the staff of Pokeballers wants to wish every single one of you guys Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We appreciate everyone who continues to play and have fun with us every day, it really makes a difference and we thank you <3 But enough of that, continue on to read about each server's event!

    - - - Region 1 - - -
    Hello Trainers!
    It's Christmas time in the world of Region 1.
    Granite is having a white Christmas with trees and snowmen everywhere, but there is something wrong...

    Region 1 has had a mysterious guest appear in Granite. It seems that he is need of your help. It's your job to go through all the quests and complete every challenge to help get ready for Christmas!

    Here are the rules:
    1: You cannot leak locations
    If found doing so you will be disqualified from the event and muted until the event is over. If you have beaten the event already your prize will be taken away from you.
    2: Sharing Pixelmon is Not Allowed
    You are not to be able to trade Pixelmon with other trainers while doing this event. If found doing so both of you will be disqualified and or taken the prize away from you.
    3: If a NPC is Glitched, please contact an admin to fix it, do not spam click or throw your Pixelmon at the NPC if it is. There is a Admin Staff board in granite if you need to see who they are.
    5: You are to not be able to give/share items with players. If found doing so both of you will be disqualified and have your prize taken.

    4: Have fun!

    We wish you the best of luck in the event!
    ~Region 1 Staff

    - - - Region 2 - - -
    What's up guys?

    It's that time of year again, and Christmas has come to Region 2! It's a series of fun events for everyone, with three parts in total to complete. First, there's a scavenger hunt, followed by a challenging parkour, and lastly, a battle with an Ultimate Boss! To begin the event, talk to the NPC right beside the starter kit in Vertigo Town. Hope you enjoy!

    (1) No disclosing the location of the scavenger hunt signs
    (2) No giving/sharing the cookies from the scavenger hunt signs
    (3) No cheating on the parkour
    (4) Ending battle against the NPC prematurely will disqualify the player from the event. If the NPC is glitched, contact an admin to fix it.

    Good Luck!
    ~Region 2 Staff

    - - - Kanto - - -
    Hey guys!

    It's that time of year again where it's cold and snowy outside, and warm and toasty by the fireplace inside, with a tree in the corner of the room and wreaths decorating the walls.
    ...Except this year, the staff of Kanto have decided they want that all to themselves, and have stolen Christmas to keep it inside of their staff lounge only! You must help Kanto by going to the staff lounge and fighting through the challenges that await there...
    The admin Dropsy, who is ALWAYS full of Christmas Spirit, wishes to share Christmas with all of Kanto, and not just keep it to the staff. She will be waiting in Pallet Town for any Trainers brave enough to take up the challenge of making the other staff share Christmas with everyone.
    Warning: If you are required to search for something, do not give out the locations of the items to any other players. If you are caught doing so, you will be temporarily banned until the event is over.

    Above all, have fun, and good luck!
    ~Kanto Staff

    - - - Pixel Town - - -
    What's up guys?

    Santa is coming to Pixel Town with a sleigh full of gifts for all the good Pokémon! Though word is spreading around Pixel Town that Santa's sleigh has crashed into a flock of fearows outside Oak's Lab. Santa needs your help along with his right hand elf to deliver 12 presents across the region to all of the good Pokémon of the cities! Watch out for Team Rocket! They found out they're on the naughty list, and they're not happy!

    *During this event you will not be allowed to reveal locations of signs.*

    Happy Holidays!
    ~PT Staff

    - - - Re-Cap: Johto - - -
    Hey guys!

    has visited Johto and has set up his Headquarters for the holidays somewhere on the map! This year, many of his elves have stayed at the North Pole working hard on making toys so that everybody can get the gifts that they deserve! Because of this, Santa needs your help to prepare for Christmas and to ensure that everybody has a merry time this holiday season!

    The job description calls for somebody that is able to be patient, willing to work hard, and has a good connection with their Pokemon. The helper who is able to help out significantly this holiday season will get a Special bonus from Santa himself!

    To begin, look for Elyse under the Christmas tree at New Bark Town!
    ~Johto Staff

    - - - Re-Cap: Island - - -
    What's up everyone?

    With winter coming to Island, new people want to come visit this historical site. Admins have also discovered a new island at this time, and more people want to visit this island. However, the mayor of the island has received terrible news that only the you can help with! A thief has stolen the Three Sacred Gifts, and without those Three Sacred Gifts, the entirety of Island will be destroyed!

    However, the admins have not seen a possible disaster coming, so the mayor may be making this up. And yet, one person on Tiki has felt something strange in the waters. It would be best to talk to this fellow first, and find out some information. It's up to you, players, to find out if the mayor is lying, and help him out if he isn't.

    The event will start once the new season starts, and it shall last until the end of the season. You players will have access to a new story line, new side quests, and a new island for the time being. New NPCs can also be seen around Island and on the new island.

    The only rule to his event is the same as the usual rule for quests. Do NOT tell or show other players quest item locations, and do NOT tell others about the quests.

    Good luck everyone! The fate of Pokeballers Island rests on your shoulders!
    ~Island Staff
    - - - - - -
    P.S. Come Christmas Day, Pokeballers will be doing our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas! Each day will bring a new sale with a new prize for that day!
    - - - Happy Holidays! - - -

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    Wew events :D
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    Been waiting for this!!! :D
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    wait so... you can't buy pokemon for r1 event?
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    Finally!! :D HYPEEEE
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    RIP everyone's plan to help out by sharing pokes. This should be fun ;)
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    Buying/trading in a proper trade is different from borrowing a friend's pokemon for a single event.
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    It looks like fun. ^-^